A Space For Entrepreneurs To Connect

Entrepreneurs can be one of the most underrated people in the world, but don’t worry, we’re here to listen.
We’re a space made especially for entrepreneurs, in order to help them connect more.


Marginto is made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. So, are you looking for help?

A Customized Platform

Customization at its best, just for you.

We know that finding platforms to fit you needs is hard, even harder when you’re an entrepreneur who’s trying to set themselves apart. Well, don’t worry, 
our platform Marginto is made
just for you!

Powerful Solution In Hand

Solutions made from scratch, just for you.

In an entrepreneur’s mind, nothing is harder than finding a solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for a long time. Marginto is here to help entrepreneurs by listening to them & analyzing their situation with them.

A List Of Resources

A large selection of resources, just for you.

We’re here to help entrepreneurs grow emotionally, and financially, that is why we offer a list of resources from providers, to organizations who seek to help entrepreneurs financially. We’ve set all the road for you.

Improve, Explore, Achieve And Grow

Our motto here in Marginto is “Improve, Explore, Achieve And Grow”. Why? Because we simply like to believe that we give entrepreneurs all the resources & tips they need in order to become better. We offer coaching, consulting, and a list of resources that any entrepreneur might need. We were entrepreneurs once as well, we know what it’s like to be struggling, which is why we created Marginto.

Wake Up


We’re Here To Help,
Not Ground

A lot of entrepreneurship programs like to ground entrepreneurs for making silly decisions or unthinkable decisions. But we’re not those people. We know how stressful it is, tiring, and effort-consuming, that’s why we help you keep a positive attitude towards everything.

We’ll help you look at things more positively. Learn how to look at thing the brighter way.

Coaching to help you learn all the mistakes you’re making and all the steps you should be doing.

Counseling in order to help you come up with a strategy to fit your needs & reach your goals.

Find the people to help you achieve the success you need with our list of customized resources.

Get To Know
The Master Minds

We’ve started this idea from scratch, the three of us, so we’d like to be called, the three musketeers.

  • Offering Help 99% 99%
  • Guiding Entrepreneurs 87% 87%
  • Finding Resources 92% 92%
  • Creating Strategies 93% 93%

Simon Grieshaber

A Certified Coach

Alice Wilson

An Entrepreneur

Mike Jefferson

A Cold-Pitcher

Community’s Portfolio

Here you’ll find all the creations of our community & be in awe.

Network with entrepreneurs

Find similar mindsets

Join a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who will share their tips with you and help you learn from their mistakes. Our community is made of 1000 entrepreneurs, from all around the world.

Find co-founders

Want to co-found?

Finding a co-founder can be harder than finding a partner to share the rest of your life with. I mean, this is a business we’re talking about. But we’ve made that easier for you with our platform.

Get & offer help

Help is growth

Getting help is the important part of your journey. The information you get is gold, and you need to protect it and use it to your advantage. You’ll be getting help, offering help is expected from you too.

Start From Ideas

If you’ve got an idea today, then tomorrow it can become a business.

How to quickly find a business idea

How to quickly find a business idea

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Are you still lost in terms of what business idea choose? Well, worry no more. Marginto will help you settle for one idea, and make it work.

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How To Grow Your Business From Scratch

How To Grow Your Business From Scratch

Starting a business from scratch is very hard, especially if you don’t have a large budget. But it is possible! So, what makes businesses successful? That’s what we’re going to share today.

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How To Create A Million Dollar Business

How To Create A Million Dollar Business

That is the dream of almost everyone. A million-dollar business, just thinking about it makes us smile, but if we work for it and achieve it? That’s what this article will be about.

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What Our
Community Says?

Here’s a glimpse of what our community of entrepreneurs think of us!

Marginto has been a very big help for me. I was able to learn what entrepreneurship is and how it shapes my everyday life. I also was able to learn that failure, is just the beginning of something much greater. Thank you to all the team of Marginto!

Jason Stephens

CEO of Clearstals

I love everything related to entrepreneurship. And even though I enrolled in different programs all my life, none of them has been as good as Marginto. They’re a team of professionals who know what they’re doing!

Jasmine Lalonde

Serial Entrepreneur

As a girl, I’ve never been taken seriously in my life. I’ve always been seen as too shallow and too hollow. But Marginto saw the opportunity and me, and helped me seize it! I was able to start my own shop in a matter of 6 months! How crazy is that!

Laila Reigar

Founder Of Goldy Locks

Marginto was shown to me by a friend and at first I didn’t understand the concept, but as I enrolled into the program, it became clear to me that they’ve been the program I needed all my life! Life is crazy! But it’s crazy good!

Jonathan Markle

Co-founder of ShopStill


Marginto is always here to help, whether online or off the platform. If you need any help, or want to join our program, then just give us a ring or send us an email! So, are you ready to be a part of a new adventure?

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8007 Australia

+123 (654) 332-112-222
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